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Your Connection to Products, Services, Training, Business Development, Resources and more. A place for small businesses to grow together. A place to point your World Address Domain Name to "Peoples Directory" of talented people reducing business expenses


Benefits of Registering your own Domain Name Website Address:

  • It is yours as long as you renew it.

  • Ability to point it to One Drop World "Peoples Directory" of talented people, or place of your choice.

  • Option to build and maintain your own website to support business growth.

  • Invitations from One Drop World associates who share skills and knowledge to grow your business and product development tips, such as:

Conference calls of ideas to make money.

Computer screen-sharing of video production, or building your own basic website.

Tools to promote your business.

Online Networking.

  1. FREE LISTING: One Drop World "Peoples Directory" One Web Page for One Year when you Register a NEW Domain Name through PAD Enterprise LLC for 5 years plus a Basic SSL Security Certificate for 5 years. Contact us for details by TEXT or Get in Touch form.

  2. PAID LISTING: One Web Page for One Year for $10 a month plus one-time page set up for $100.

  3. FREE SERVICES LISTING: Provide associate services to help the Peoples Directory grow, such as:

Social Media Promotions, Influencer, Artist Services, etc...

Example Web Page Listings:

Delicious Food Group Stuff


Power Communications Plus+

Mind Exercise

We do not provide assistance with pointing Domain Names to our directory that were not registered through PAD Enterprise LLC. No e-commerce, shopping carts or payments processed through the directory. You may have links to your Social Media and other sites that could process payments. Contact forms in this site ONLY send email contact to PAD Enterprise LLC. You may add your contact email address with a link on your page. We do not provide legal, or tax advice. Check statements for terms, policy and disclaimers.

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