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Shan Shankaran Concept, Illustration, Motion ArtistShan Shankaran Concept, Illustration, Motion Artist


When I was 2 to 3 years old, I spent most of my days drawing and building with Lego toys at my grandfather's house, like a museum. My mother cared for her elderly father for about a year. I was confined to a 4' by 4' area - the start of my drawing career, plus I come from a long line of artists and creative people. Creativity is in my bloodlines.

I received a Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design in 2006. I have created art for a board game, greeting cards, magazines, comic books, Webcomics, T-Shirts, hoodies, dresses, home decorating, and Fijian Girl artwork for a Discovery Activity Children's Book series. I have developed culturally diverse cartoon characters for home decorating of children, youth, and teens bedrooms and bathrooms and matching clothing, accessories, stationery, phone cases, and stickers.

I have been mentoring a young artist for many years. I share techniques, technical skills, and ideas - work shown on Shadows Of The Ecliptic ARTWORKS & MORE

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